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Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese football player who currently plays for Real Madrid. He plays as a left or right winger and is one of the highest rated football stars in the world.He is also an important player in the Portuguese National team.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

‘Ronaldo more complete than Messi’

Real Madrid legend Santillana has heaped praise on Cristiano Ronaldo, saying that the former Manchester United star is more complete than Barcelona attacker Lionel Messi.

The 59-year-old, who scored over 150 goals during his 17-year spell with Los Blancos between 1971 and 1988, noted that the Portuguese ace differs from some of the greatest strikers in the history of the club, and went on to compare him with the Ballon d'Or holder.

“Ronaldo has physical attributes which other strikers do not possess,” he told O JOGO. “Hugo Sanchez and I, for example, we were great finishers, but we depended on our teammates to score.

“Ronaldo, because of his power and speed, he can score goals alone. He can play 50 metres away from goal, and it will not stop him from scoring.

“He is an extraordinary athlete, with enviable physical capacities, which allow him to jump high and make use of his great heading skills.

“He is complete. In fact, I think he is more complete than Messi, although I think that the Argentine is more skilled and has greater ball control when it is played fast. Messi is also a pure genius. Still, I think Ronaldo is more of a goalscorer.”

Santillana added that he is of the opinion that the former Manchester United star “has all the conditions” to reach legendary status at the Santiago Bernabeu.

“Ronaldo is an extraordinary player, he has been scoring goals at an impressive rhythm since he arrived at the club,” the retired striker pointed out.

“The only thing he is missing is winning more titles, which is the most important thing at a club like Real Madrid. He has only won one Copa del Rey, but I believe he will win the league this season.”

Santillana pointed out, however, that what matters most in perspective when comparing the two players is the silverware.

“At the end of a season, he may have similar or even superior stats to Messi, but in the end the Argentine gets the titles, like the Champions League, La Liga. Cristiano also has to win collective titles.”

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